TSPN hosted Dr. Marga Gual Soler on Thursday April 8th, 2021 at 12pm EST for TSPN Talks Science Diplomacy. Dr. Marga Gual Soler is the founder and director of SciDipGLOBAL, an international strategy, advisory, research and training consultancy in science diplomacy and science-policy interfaces. She has advised the science diplomacy strategies of governments, the EU, multilateral organizations and universities. She is a founding member of the EU Science Diplomacy Alliance and host to the NSPN inaugural SciDEAL Fellowship.

Dr. Gual Soler describes diplomacy as international relations through peaceful means, using dialogue and identifying common interests. How a country conducts diplomacy…

Toronto Science Policy Network

TSPN is a student science policy group at the University of Toronto, where students & researchers can learn more about and engage in science policy.

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